Tiong Bahru Zine

Based on the impressions that we have when we visit Tiong Bahru, we want to present the zine in a way that it resemblance the kind of vintage notebook that people used to have in the past so to portray the cultural past of Tiong Bahru. It also bring a personal touch for the audience who got hold of the zine, they are able to personalized it and create a memory with it which is the kind of experience that we want the audience to have when they visit Tiong Bahru.

As they open up the zine, there are little elements and surprises which engage the audience and the shops rather than just another normal informational zine. These little elements are the street map, paper doll, dried scented flower and also the stamping space. These is to get the audiences to be involved and be part of the zine. The buildings in Tiong Bahru were heavily inspired by a style of architecture called Streamline Moderne, a minimalistic architectural style and that inspired us to design the zine using minimalistic style to further bring the flavor of Tiong bahru.

Client: Personal Work | Type: Branding, Packaging Collaterals